Existing Ether-1 Masternode/Service Node Centos/Fedora/Redhat Upgrade Instructions

Importing Security Note: Make sure your node is not being run as root

If you believe your node may be running as root, use the following process to verify and change:

You can verify what user your node is being run under by viewing /etc/systemd/system/ether1node.service. If you see user=root then you are running your node as root and this should be changed

Use the following command set to update the user:

usermod -aG wheel ether1node && su ether1node && gpasswd -d ether1node wheel && systemctl restart ether1node && cat /etc/systemd/system/ether1node.service

You can then finish the node upgrade with the following command:

cd && wget -N https://ether1.org/scripts/rpm/install.sh && chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh && exit

The previous command will make sure you're in the correct user directory, downloads the update script and makes it runnable, then runs and exits. After the exit, the rest of the first command finishes executing. Your node is now upgraded and running as a non-privileged user

Upgrading an Existing Ether-1 Masternode or Service Node

These instructions are only for upgrading existing nodes

Download and Run Upgrade Script

mkdir -p /tmp/ether1 && cd /tmp/ether1

wget -N https://files.ether1.org/scripts/rpm/install.sh
chmod +x install.sh

You can now check to make sure you are running the latest version (v0.0.9)

geth version